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Since it was founded, LAAS has been globally involved in research, conferences, panels, community work and selected workshops.

Images: By LAAS and IBM (Smart Villages)

10 November 2020

LAAS launches – to discuss issues on future cities, villages and landscapes.

22 October 2020

La Biennale di Venezia selected LAAS' exhibition concept ‘Mutualities’ for the section of Collateral Events at the Biennale Architetture 2021. The exhibition is promoted by the Interdisciplinary Forum Neurourbanism.

22 September 2020

Dietmar Leyk and Sonja Berthold meet the European Union Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas, IBM, as well as Fortiss and Red Hat at the IBM Watson Center in Munich to kick-off our future collaboration on Smart Villages.

05 January 2020

LAAS launches Research Programme and Roadmap.

13 Juni 2019

Dietmar Leyk joins Mañana Madrid to speak about "Beyond Response: Re-inventing Urban Life".

29 October 2019

LAAS speaks at IBM Think in Helsinki.

22 October 2019

LAAS speaks at IBM Think in Frankfurt.

01 March 2019

LAAS launches global interdisciplinary Network and Research platform to improve the way we live together through transformative digital innovations towards advanced services for a more human future.

Videos & Podcasts

Watch Dietmar Leyk and Sonja Berthold in their upcoming interview.
Coming in May 2021.

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The Life as a Service Research Programme is comprised of five chapters: ‘The Digital and the Future: Our Challenges’, ‘Urgencies and Scope’, ‘Urban Ecologies: Our Approach, Analyses and Outlooks of Key Life Activities’, ‘Life as a Service Guidelines’, and ‘Horizon and Networks: Expected Results and Benefits’. We have also added a specific glossary to the book.

Image: Life as a Service Research Programme Book by LAAS

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You will soon be able to participate in the next LAAS Live Talk, available beginning January 2021.

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