Advancing human well-being

We improve the way we live together through transformative innovations towards advanced services for a more human future.

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Our programme provides an interdisciplinary laboratory for sustainable living, promoting future-oriented services in the context of a digitised society.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way we live together by embracing transformative innovations around digitalisation, society and the physical world. We take a closer look at how technology is unlocking opportunities and what it means in specific applications and use cases.

Image: High-density urban food tower scenario by LAAS


The LAAS programme revolves around the question of how the future of advanced services can improve the way we live together in a physical and digitised world. How far can digitally augmented services benefit people in their daily lives and at the same time conquer the challenges most evident in major cities, other urbanised areas and small villages?

We formulate briefs and conceptualise ‘alternative futures’ to conduct future visioning and identify priorities for inventing transformative services, guidelines and designs.

Image: AI-controlled vehicle i2.5 scenario by LAAS