Augmenting human capabilities

Our highly diverse research teams systematically conduct investigations, study materials and sources, rethink and experiment to establish facts and reach new conclusions on how to prototype digitally augmented services.

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We examine current and future urgencies together with the latest technology trends and determine how these can augment services and transform life in cities and urbanised areas.

We look at what we call ‘key life activities’ and have selected 11 activities that expressively shape our daily lives and significantly form and transform our urban landscapes. We include work, education, health, transportation, construction, housing, food, waste, production, consumption and governance.

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Cities, Villages & Landscapes


Our current research projects include…

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The changing nature of work

Future classrooms

From health to wellness

Augmented sensual mobility

Extended realities in emerging construction processes

Inventing future villages

Mutualities: Human activities and their interdependencies

Proximity and distance


We continuously look in online communities, industries, universities, government agencies, non-for-profit agencies, developing investors, independent experts, citizens, neighbourhoods, design practices and start-ups for partners with common research interests.

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Young Researchers Programme

LAAS places great value on future generations of researchers. The LAAS Young Researchers Programme aims to encourage students to systematically investigate topics related to human activities and behaviours and pursue careers in the sciences. By providing students with a unique research opportunity and experience, we hope to create a network for participants to support each other as they pursue their future careers. Hosting students from all over the world within LAAS, we intend to expand our programme over the years. Check out how to apply.

Image: YRP workshop by LAAS