Going beyond

We build compelling future scenarios by moving beyond desk research and co-creating inspiring, critical, relevant and rich scenarios with experts, thought leaders and decision-makers.

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LAAS Gravity stands for a community of interests focussing on future-thinking around life and the environment in a digitised society.

LAAS invites a highly diverse group of leading people in their fields to identify key forces driving change over the next 30 years, to explore how to cope with the most acute uncertainties and to develop radical yet plausible scenarios and implications - altogether to deal with the long-term consequences of scientific and technological developments on mankind future and the environment.

Image: LAAS Gravity retreat by multifocus

Get Involved

LAAS Gravity provides members with access to multi-day idea summits bringing together leading scientists, industry leaders and people with cultural impact on key aspects of the future world, ranging from the specific to the interdisciplinary.

Members can benefit from attending meetings, workshops and research symposia with other leading people in their fields. A membership connects you to exclusive access benefits, events, researcher stories, and research programmes.
Once a month, LAAS Gravity provides members with briefings, topical reports, current papers, publications and posts regarding issues concerned with the future.

If you are interested in engaging with LAAS Gravity in an exclusive environment or learning more about the benefits of being a member, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Image: Annual Research Report Life as a Service #Files_01. Available from June 2021 by LAAS