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We create shared values by raising the level of public discourse and reinforcing better and more informed decisions.

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LAAS conducts a community programme, both, physical and non-physical, to foster an inclusive culture of innovation between large amounts of people and AI assistance where relevant outcomes and the collaborative nature of genuine innovation merge. We aim to create values collectively by listening to as many votes as possible to participate in the decision making process.
To enhance innovation discovery, the LAAS community programme is threefold. It comprises advanced analytical methods including large groups of stakeholders participating for a very short time period, highly developed interactive methods to boost co-creativity and calls of inspiration for the imagination of alternative futures.
The community programme will start on 15 January 2021. Further announcements follow.

Image: Community meeting by VisualBricks

Make a Difference

Periodically, we will ask you to contribute ideas to open 'Public Service 2030’ calls. We like to see fresh and inspiring concepts for digitally augmented services and their positive impact on the city. Participants can be from all disciplines. A well-known expert in the field will judge your ideas.

Image: Manhattan Financial District, still from video by VIA FILMS

Smart Villages Questionnaire

Europe’s future lies in intelligently networked villages. Our research project 'Smart Villages - Towards Resilient and Sustainable Communities' offers an exceptional opportunity to shape the future of the rural region and to offer a European model for integrative rural growth. The project focuses on bringing enhanced digital services to people’s daily lives while addressing the challenges that are most evident in rural settlements. With its unique, holistic and interdisciplinary approach, the mission is to improve our future quality of life in tomorrow’s villages by connecting digital technologies with future human values.

The project is a collaboration between LAAS, RUMRA & Smart Villages, the Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas of the European Parliament, EU40, IBM, Fortiss and other premium research partners.

Thank you all for supporting LAAS to understand how advanced new approaches to on-device, big data and cloud-based AI technologies are transforming rural life.

The questionnaire was closed on Friday, November 27, 2020 at 11 a.m.

Image: Markus Spiske